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Join us in improving lives of vulnerable people in developing communities through education, skills training and access to tools that create self-sustaining communities.

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Medical Care and Clean Water

Our All-Volunteer run network personally visits vulnerable communities in Mali and Uganda to plan, build and facilitate water wells and medical clinics. We teach village leaders how to self-sustain the facilities and provide them on-going support. The result is improved quality of life of among village members and lowered mortality rates.

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Women’s Empowerment

Women are the base of developing communities. When they are disempowered/abused, without means to support their family, there is little hope for the children they raise. At Opening Doors Worldwide, we empower women in Uganda by providing shelter for those facing domestic violence as well as skills training, job placement and micro-loan funding so that they can rise above menial jobs. This creates lasting and positive change throughout the entire village community.

Women’s ShelterJob PlacementMicro-Loans

Primary Education

Many Ugandan children don’t receive an education because their families are in poverty. Those children end up working menial jobs to help support their family and the cycle of poverty continues. At Opening Doors Worldwide, we sponsor such children to receive primary education. The result is a brighter future for the child and future generations to come.

Education Programs

Kind Words

What people are saying about our work in the community

Brenda Nahabwe
Brenda NahabweSponsor Student, St. Matthew's School
Hi my name is Brenda, I’m 12 years old and am from the Batwa tribe of Uganda. I hope to become the first girl from my tribe to complete university studies and becomes an example of success for my people. Thank you Opening Doors Worldwide, for giving me a chance to go to school!

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Martha Valencia Intimayta
Martha Valencia IntimaytaSponsor Student, Canuachala, Bolivia
Thanks to Opening Doors Worldwide’s support, I am able to attend Teacher Training School “Villa Aroma”. I am very grateful for the help. One day, I well be teacher and also can help teaching others.

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Hammah Kone
Hammah KoneVillage Elder, Ngomi, Mali
Opening Doors Worldwide built a well for us right next to the maternity and medical clinic. Now everyone in the village has access to clean water and safe water. The impact is tremendous! We no longer see a high rate of illness and child deaths and we are very grateful!

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Evelyn Rubalema
Evelyn RubalemaResident of Bwindi, Uganda
Without safe drinking water, our babies were often sick and sometimes needed to be put in the hospital. With clean filtered water, our children are now healthy. We owe this to Opening Doors Worldwide!

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Amadou Kone
Amadou KoneVolunteer Clinic Administrator of Ngomi Clinic
Thank you Opening Doors Worldwide for helping us build Ngomi Maternity and Medical clinic! Our maternity and child deaths have decreased dramatically since. We are so thankful for having a clean medical clinic to care for our patients.

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Yancy Del Carmen Rivera Menjivar
Yancy Del Carmen Rivera MenjivarSponsor Student, El Salvador
Thanks to the support of Opening Doors Worldwide, I am pursuing an education in law with a focus on human rights. My family and I are very grateful for the support I have been given. I will be able to reach my goal of graduating law school and entering into a career that I am passionate about!

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