Buhoma, Uganda – Education Funding

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The Batwa tribe, better known as pygmies, lived peacefully in the jungle until 1994, when they were forcibly removed. Traditionally hunter-gatherers, they now live on small plots that they are supposed to farm for their survival. They are strangers in their own land. We are supporting Brenda, a sixth grade Batwa child through her schooling. She wants to be a nurse. This year we are adding an additional six 5-6 year-old Batwa children to begin formal schooling. The cost to support a child in private school is $125/year. We will assign a specific student to you and you can follow his/her progress year after year. Please consider sponsoring a student.

Opening Doors Worldwide, Thank you for giving me a chance to go to school!

Brenda Nahabwe, Sponsor Student, St. Matthew's School