Micro-Loan Funding for Ugandan Women

Micro-Loan Funding
Donation Goal For This Project is $50,000
8% Donated/$46,000 To Go
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In many third world countries, people are trapped in the cycle of poverty. Having little or no access to education, they are reduced to working menial jobs for a dollar or two per day.

Their lack of money leads many times to only eating one meal a day, no healthcare for them or their children, and no access to better education for their children. Thus the cycle continues.

Micro-loans are a great solution to help end the cycle of poverty. These loans are helping individuals start their own business: be that in agriculture, textiles, baking, etc. With the help of micro-loan donations, individuals are creating businesses that support themselves and their household for a lifetime!

At Opening Doors Worldwide, we are providing these loans to at-risk women in the community of Buhoma in Uganda. 

Our on-site supervision includes help in picking a business, training in inventory and supply, monitoring adherence to a business plan, as well as mandatory monthly business seminars.

If you fully sponsor a micro-loan for one person ($300.00 USD), we will let you know who your money is going to, what business they are starting, and have that person communicate with you through us, letting you know that your donation has gone to good cause.