Uganda Sewing Job Project for At-Risk Women

Sewing Project
Donation Goal For This Project is $3,900
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The plight of women in Uganda is not a pretty sight.

To be a widow in Uganda is to be an outcast. Often, when a woman loses her husband from death or divorce, she is also cast out from her family, forced from her home, stripped of all her property, and even separated from her children. With no visible means of support, she is essentially left for dead. That is why some women will endure domestic violence just to stay married.

The Bwindi Sewing Project of Buhoma, in southwest Uganda, is a refuge to these women. Here, with sewing machines donated by Opening Doors Worldwide, they are taught a skill and given an income that will allow them to provide for themselves and their children with dignity.

In partnership with our Ugandan counterpart “Ride 4 a Woman”, women now have a safe place to get together and work. Empowering women by providing them with income is one of the critical needs identified by the United Nations. We couldn’t agree more.

The new sewing machines are great. The ladies are having a great time with it. Thank you for this donation. We have a new class of 15 students. We have been able to increase both our production levels as well as have more jobs created for the women who come on site every day.”

Evelyn Habasa, Ride 4 a Woman, Overseas Coordinator, Uganda