Water Purification System in Bwindi, Uganda

Uganda Water Purification Project
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The community of Buhoma in southwestern Uganda has plenty of water.

Thanks to the run-off coming to it from the Bwindi Impenetrable Rainforest, home of the endangered mountain gorillas, plenty of ground water reaches Buhoma. But having water is not the same thing as having safe water. The ground water contains parasites, worm eggs, and animal feces teeming with bacteria such as E. Coli.

It is not fit to drink.

After the collected water was diverted to the Bwindi Women’s Community Center, home of our income generating sewing project, Opening Doors Worldwide installed a modern water filtration system which includes a bacteria-killing ultraviolet light.

Now, up to 70 gallons/hour of clean drinking water is produced for the community of 5000 people. At a total cost to install of 44 cents per person, we consider this a bargain. Join us today in placing more of these life-saving filtration systems in other communities by making a donation!

“Without safe drinking water, we were always having to go to the local clinic to get medicine for worms and diarrhea. Our babies were often sick and sometimes needed to be put in the hospital for dehydration from dysentery. With clean filtered water, we are now healthy. We owe this to Opening Doors Worldwide.”

Evelyn Rubalema, Resident of Bwindi, Uganda and founder of Ride 4 a Woman