Well Project: solving water scarcity in Mali

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After building the Ngomi Maternity & Medical Clinic in Mali, it became apparent that something was missing.

Newborns were being swaddled in unclean cloths and people were still getting dysentery and parasitic diseases. The reason is that there was no clean water in Ngomi.

The bacteria and parasite infested Niger River was the source of drinking water, the spot for bathing, and the place for washing clothes. Ngomi has no electricity, no running water, and no sanitation. By providing clean water, much of this could be avoided.

A well was dug next to the clinic and fresh water hit at less than 30 feet deep. Tubing was inserted so that water can now be pumped manually from the well, avoiding the arduous task of using a bucket on a rope for this depth.

The people of Ngomi now have access to clean water for drinking, washing clothes, and cooking. From this simple act, sickness is being prevented and lives are being saved.

Help us continue the efforts of maintaining the well. It will still need the support of generous donations to make sure it is running properly. Give the gift of water! It saves lives.

We have always gathered water from the Niger River, the closest source of water to our village in Ngomi. The River is not clean, and so our villagers, especially the young ones, would get sick and some would die. Opening Doors Worldwide built a well in our village that provides clean water. Now everyone in the village has access to clean water and we are very thankful for this!

Hamah Kone, Village Elder, Ngomi, Mali, Africa