Women’s Abuse Shelter – Buhoma, Uganda
Women's Abuse Shelter

Women’s Abuse Shelter – Buhoma, Uganda

Worldwide, 30% of women report being abused at some time in their lives. In Uganda, that number approaches 60%. There is no...
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Buhoma, Uganda – Education Funding

The Batwa tribe, better known as pygmies, lived peacefully in the jungle until 1994, when they were forcibly removed. Traditionally hunter-gatherers, they...
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South American - Education Funding Program

South America – Education Funding

When we first started our operation several years ago, Opening Doors Worldwide committed to assisting several Central and South American Children from...
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Just $1 Can Save a Child from Malaria

Just $1 Can Save a Child from Malaria

16% Donated/$5,000 To Go
In Mali Africa, malaria is a large problem that takes lives everyday. Medical facilities in Mali are very limited, and medicines are...
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Donate Where Needed Most

8% Donated/$91,350 To Go
At Opening Doors Worldwide, we help provide support and relief to some of the poorest countries of the world, such as Mali,...
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Maternity Clinic

Maternity & Wellness Clinic in Mali, Africa

55% Donated/$24,650 To Go
Mali, one of Africa’s poorest countries, faces numerous health challenges related to poverty, malnutrition, and inadequate sanitation. Mali’s health and development indicators rank among...
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Sewing Project

Uganda Sewing Job Project for At-Risk Women

85% Donated/$575 To Go
The plight of women in Uganda is not a pretty sight. To be a widow in Uganda is to be an outcast....
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Well - Mollie Africa

Well Project: solving water scarcity in Mali

100% Donated/$0 To Go
After building the Ngomi Maternity & Medical Clinic in Mali, it became apparent that something was missing. Newborns were being swaddled in unclean...
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Uganda Water Purification Project

Water Purification System in Bwindi, Uganda

73% Donated/$642 To Go
The community of Buhoma in southwestern Uganda has plenty of water. Thanks to the run-off coming to it from the Bwindi Impenetrable...
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Micro-Loan Funding

Micro-Loan Funding for Ugandan Women

8% Donated/$46,000 To Go
In many third world countries, people are trapped in the cycle of poverty. Having little or no access to education, they are...
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