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Medical Clinic in Ngomi, Mali, Africa

Ngomi’s Medical and Maternity Clinic Updates (Mali, Africa)

Received a phone call from Amadou Kone at the Ngomi (pronounced “know-me”) Medical and Maternity Clinic in Mali. The food grainery is empty. Normally we keep extra food in the form of grains to help the pregnant and breast feeding mothers keep up their nutrition and strength, helping their babies as a result. The recent emergency situation in Mali, with many displaced families, has put a strain on the food distribution system in Mali and increased the costs, especially in less fertile areas such as Ngomi.

At Mr. Kone’s request, we have sent an additional $250, which he says will feed the 20 or so women being assisted for a month. This comes to just over $1.00/day per person, not much by our standards. We will probably have to repeat this at least one more time before we get there in October to see how we can make this more self sustaining.