Our Promise

We believe in transparency, flexibility and openness to do what is best for those we serve

We are a grass-roots all volunteer organization. We value the input of each and every person who assists us, whether that be in the form of donation, volunteering time/expertise or spreading the word about who we are and what we do.

We vow to be open and honest in all our dealings and to be fully transparent with all our supporters. All of our projects are fully operational and well supervised. Additionally, we promise to keep our focus on our mission statement goals. Help us to make a difference. Together, we can impact the lives of many!

Our Commitment to Change

Our approach to helping improve lives


Our goal is to not only bring a solution to meeting basic human needs, but also inspire hope for a brighter future. By planting seeds of change, we are also showing each individual / village we help how to sustain the change on their own longterm. This brings our beneficiaries a sense of self-fulfillment knowing they can influence a brighter future for themselves.

In addition, we strive to improve the quality of every life we touch. It goes far beyond the basics. We are forging opportunities for children and adults in developing countries to be able to gain an education and a way to provide for themselves and their family. We want every individual to not only live with their basic needs met, but to have the opportunity to prosper and achieve their dreams.