Our Story...And Maybe Yours

A message from our founders, Paul and Cynthia March


Several years ago, we decided to take a long weekend trip to somewhere out of the country. Living in Florida, El Salvador seemed perfect because it was close and looked “bite sized”, a place we could explore in a short time. Little did we know at that time that a part of our hearts would be left behind, and that this would be the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in our lives. That trip was a catalyst for many others. Seeing the terrible living conditions in El Salvador and the other developing countries we visited touched our hearts. We wanted to help. So we did.

We realized that even though we were just two simple people with a desire to improve people’s lives, we were actually able to make a difference. We thought of the African proverb, “If you think you’re too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a closed room with a mosquito.” So as we traveled more, we vowed to try to leave each needy place we saw a little better.

What We Did

During our trips, with the assistance of the villagers, we watched these things happen:

  • A well was built to provide clean water in Mali, Africa, in the village of Ngomi. (pronounced “know-me”)
  • A Maternity/Medical Clinic was built in Ngomi.
  • A women’s sewing project in Uganda was assisted, doubling their number of jobs.
  • Another one is being planned for Mali.
  • A women’s abuse shelter was constructed in Buhoma, Uganda.
  • Poor students in Ethiopia are being taught English, a necessary skill not taught in public school but needed for university level studies.
  • A water filtration system was set up in Buhoma, Uganda.
  • A primary school is planned for Ngomi, Mali, while another is being considered for assistance in Uganda.
  • Two poor students are being given a university education in Bolivia.
  • Two under-privileged students from El Salvador are being funded to go to college.
  • An outcast Pygmy girl is being given a primary school education in Uganda.
  • And a micro-loan system for at risk women is being installed in Uganda. 

Outside of the medical clinic and the women’s abuse shelter, most of the projects did not cost a whole lot and could be done little-by-little. Outside of the individually sponsored children, each program is self-sustaining once completed. And in every location…..

Africa...Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger 2890



The Start of Opening Doors Worldwide

Finally, there came a time when we realized that we could no longer go it alone. There was so much to do yet not enough time, talent, or resources to do it with. We needed help. It was not just financial help that we needed. We needed people, especially people who shared our vision of “changing lives one step at a time.” We needed educators. We needed administrators. We needed volunteers to help with the many day to day functions. And so was born “Opening Doors Worldwide.”

We are making a difference and you can too! This has been our story. Is it yours?

Sadly, Cindi passed away too soon on December 1st, 2015. She is greatly missed by all who knew her.