What We Do

We focus on the below to bring about positive change

Medical Care

In developing countries, most villagers do not have access to a nearby clinic in case of illness. As a result, there is a high death rate for those who become ill. We help developing countries build and sustain their medical clinics so that villagers can get the proper medical care they need. View Medical Care Programs>>

Access to Clean Water

In some parts of the world clean water is scarce. That’s why we’ve created programs that bring clean water to villages that need it. Namely, we have built a well in the village of Ngomi (pronounced “know-me”) located in Mali and a water purification system in Bwindi, Uganda. The access to clean water is so helpful and reduces illness and death. View Clean Water Programs>>

Micro-loan Funding

Many individuals in third world countries work menial jobs for a dollar or two per day. The lack of opportunity to better themselves leave them stuck in a cycle of poverty. Micro-loans help these individuals rise out of poverty to better their lives. Small amounts of money (by first world standards) can help a person start their own business. With proper training and support, they are able to pay back the loan and provide a better life for themselves and their families. 

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Provide Education

For many children in developing countries, education is a luxury. We want to make sure every child has the opportunity to learn. Help us help those children by donating to our school building program or help fund one of our exemplary students studying in El Salvador to Bolivia to Uganda. View Education Programs>>

Women Empowerment

In Uganda, women who are widowed become outcasts without means to support themselves or their children. In addition there is a high rate of abuse with no where for these women to turn. We empower these women by providing a shelter for women who are facing domestic abuse. We also provide skills training, micro-loan funding and resources so they can generate income to support their family and positively impact their community. View Women’s Empowerment Programs>>

Help us to improve lives

Big change starts with small steps and actions. You can be a part of the positive change and transformation by supporting our programs. Be a part of the solution and make a difference in someone’s life.

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